Stanvac Prime ‐ India’s leading Health & Hygiene Solution Specialists. We focus on bringing the best quality aerosol & non‐aerosol solutions for our customers. The products have been made in collaboration.

We are proud to offer 360 degree solutions to our customers – be it personal range (fragrances, hair care, body care, face care) or household range (insecticides, cleaners, home fragrances) or OTC range (disinfectants, sanitizers, hand rubs, pain relievers) or industrial & automotive solutions. All our products have fragrances with Spanish Natural Essential Oils that are of the highest quality.

Our state of the art, ISO & GMP certified manufacturing facilities are located in India – Mayapuri ‐ New Delhi & Gurugram – Haryana. Our motto is – Your Wellness, Our Passion.

Our Brands are:

  • Adigo:-       Men Personal Hygiene
  • Inflame:-     Women Personal Hygiene
  • Stanfresh:-  Household & Commercial Hygiene
  • Stanrelief:-  Health
  • Kibiriumm:- Insecticides & Repellents
  • Stanfix:-       Autocare


Our ‘Prime Ambassador’ will also be known as Brand Representative or Brand Influencer. She/He is a person who is enlisted by our company to represent the company products and create & maintain a Brand Identity. Our Prime Ambassador’s primary goal is to increase brand awareness and sales through such activities such as:

  • Promoting the brand on social media platform. Company will provide you with all relevant Promotional Materials from time to time.
  • Through word of mouth to help generate brand awareness.
  • Participating in Company Events such as Product Launches & Hello Meetings.
  • Being an opinion leader and expert on our product.


Stanvac Prime Private Limited will pay an Attractive Commission to incentivize our Prime Ambassadors for their efforts. They can increase their incentive with more sales, more customers and also more promotion on their social media channels / RWAs / WhatsApp Groups.
Stanvac Prime Private Limited will provide a Unique Discount Code to Prime Ambassador in Her/His name . Our Prime Ambassador can share Her/His code with any person who is interested to buy Stanvac Prime Products. A person will get a higher discount during the purchase of goods through the company website & commission will be paid to our Prime Ambassador in Her/His bank account fortnightly basis.

 Hope to have a fruitful journey with you !



Ambassador’s Incentive Scheme: 

On Board :  Get a Welcome Gift from Stanvac Prime Worth Rs. 659 /- on purchase value of Rs. 1499/-

Ambassador’s Code Offer

Payout %

Total Sale Value Before Tax

Delivery Charges Apply *

Discount Offer 25% On MRP


Below Rs. 5001/-



 Above Rs. 5000/-