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Stanvac Prime is a leading company serving clients and consumers across various sectors, including Power, Cement, Construction, Mining, Sugar, Pulp & Paper, Health & Hygiene, Household, and Automobile. Our commitment towards delivering ‘world-class’ products at competitive prices has made us stand out in the market.We pride ourselves on providing world-class products to customers worldwide at competitive rates. Our manufacturing units in India produce top-quality products in welding consumables, stainless steel wires, protective coatings, industrial maintenance consumables, and health & hygiene solutions.The company aims for customer satisfaction by delivering top-notch service. We create synergy between our brands to foster growth and innovation. Our R&D and advanced technology allow us to develop cutting-edge solutions that cater to our customers' evolving needs. We collaborate closely with clients to provide tailored solutions for a better life.

Make Better on the core strength of Superior Technology Superior Performance with the human qualities of Passion, Integrity and Humility.

Stanvac Prime is focussed on building a world class team which will break all barriers of excellence. A team’s ability to value each other’s knowledge, experiences, backgrounds, values and passion as well as having genuine respect for each other’s contribution to the Company which is vital for achieving both personal and business goals.