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Inflame Woman Hair Removal Mousse - 200ml

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With its quick formula enriched with Red Berries & Fruits, and its spray applicator, Inflame Woman Hair Removal Mousse offers easy, convenient and painless hair removal with perfect results after 5 to 8 minutes. Dermatologically tested.

How To Use:

  • How to apply the Mousse - The skin should be clean and dry, without irritation or traces of other products: creams, oils, etc. Shake well before use. Use it during the bath or shower. Press steadily once, with the spray at a distance of 10-15 cm, covering the entire area for hair removal. For legs and arms, apply in a faster motion upwards and downwards, to obtain an even layer.
  • How long to leave the Mousse - The time needed for the mousse to take effect will depend on the type of hair and skin. Allow it to act 5 minutes and then do a test by removing the mousse from a small area using the sponge. If the hair does not come away easily, allow the product to continue to act and do further test, but NEVER EXCEED 10 MINUTES IN TOTAL. If any irritation appears during application, remove the product immediately and rinse well with water.
  • How to rinse off the Mousse - When the hair comes away easily, remove the rest of the mousse with the sponge (provided inside), rinse with lots of lukewarm water and gently dry the skin. After each use, clean the spray nozzle and sponge with water.

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