Kibiriumm Repel Insect Barrier -400ml, Stanfresh Liquid Hand Wash - La – Stanvac Prime

Kibiriumm Repel Insect Barrier -400ml, Stanfresh Liquid Hand Wash - Lavender 1500ml & Disinfectant Floor Cleaner - Sandal 500ml

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Kibiriumm Repel Insect Barrier is a unique product that has been specially formulated for control of flying Kibiriumm insects like mosquitoes & flies. The product is loaded with various properties.

Stanfresh Liquid Hand Wash with Essential Oils has been carefully curated to provide protection against germs to our customers and their loved ones. The antibacterial hand wash has been infused with Lavender fragrance and benefits of Glycerin.

The new Stanfresh Super Disinfectant Floor Cleaner has been specially formulated to provide protection to you and your loved ones. Infused with Extra Protective Formula along with Natural Essential Oils, the Disinfectant Floor Cleaner comes in  Sandal fragrance.


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