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Stanfresh Glass & Household Cleaner - 500ml (Pack of 24)

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A filthy glass surface can be a problem. While residue and germs will in general aggregate on glass surfaces, routinely cleaning them can help hold their sparkle and radiance. To keep your windows, mirrors, apparatuses, pantries and furniture clean, the Stanfresh Glass and Household Cleaner is an absolute necessity for your family cleaning items. Its new amazing formula easily eliminates hard water stains, aggregated soil and other intense stains. It keeps your glass surfaces looking like new. It cleans each surface altogether by slicing through a wide range of earth, oil and oil stains uncovering spotless and glossy surfaces. It is ideal for use on glass surfaces, wash bowls, window barbecues and lines, taps, baths and showers, refrigerator, TV, stove, kitchen cupboards, artistic floors and divider tiles.


  • Provides extra shine to fridge, TV, glass surfaces
  • Removes dirt & dust efficiently

How to Use:

  • Turn the nozzle of the Trigger pump to spray & cover the surface with a fine layer of Glass Cleaner.
  • Wipe the surface with a clean & dry cotton cloth.


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