Stanfresh Multipurpose Handy Man - 100ml – Stanvac Prime

Stanfresh Multipurpose Handy Man - 100ml

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Stanfresh Multipurpose Handy Man, a new concept product made to rectify and maintain household and commercial accessories.Household & Commercial Usage – Penetrates and cleans or prevents rust on all fittings in the modular kitchen, doors, windows, cycle, railings and many other metal/alloy surfaces. Rapidly loosens rusted, corroded parts, seized nuts, bolts, cables, metal parts and restores jammed locks. Descales taps and showers. Removes dirt, grime, crayon marks from polished walls. Removes moisture from machine parts and make them functional. Optimal removal of grease from floor, walls & other surfaces. 360° usage of can. 

How To Use:-

Step 1:- Spray on all surfaces which are susceptible to have rust or have already rusted and jammed. Allow the solution to penetrate. Then move those surfaces to and fro for mobility.

Step 2:- The solution is safe to use on following metals: copper with unpolished finish, magnesium, aluminium, steel with unpolished finish, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. Always spray on a patch before larger application.


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